Forum invitation 2005

Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples
Invitation to the Forum Conference 2005:

“Globalization, Cultural resources and Indigenous Peoples”

We would hereby like to invite you to this year’s conference in the Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples. The conference takes place at the University of Tromsø on October 4th – 7th 2005. The title of the Forum conference 2005 is “Globalization, Cultural resources and Indigenous Peoples”. The target group for the conference are researchers, developments workers and Sami institutions with experience from international indigenous work, but also others with interest within this field are welcome to participate. This year’s conference has Norwegian Church Aid ( as a collaborating partner.

The broad headings are:

  • “Globalization and Indigenous Peoples: Poverty and Education”
  • “Cultural resources documentation and mapping”

This year’s conference will focus on Southern Africa and Central America, and different topics which give a critical examination on how globalization processes influence on the development for Indigenous Peoples. Another theme will be how culture plays an important part in indigenous development.

Additionally, there will be room for other current issues under the headline “Forum update”. News and updates in the program will be published at our homepages:

“Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples” has its background in the evaluation of the Norwegian Program for Indigenous Peoples (UD Evaluation Report 8.98), White paper nr. 21 (1999/2000 Menneskeverd i sentrum), and the Follow-up Plan for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples (UD 1999). The Forum was established in 2000, and is aiming to be a meeting place for researchers, development workers, administrators and activists working with indigenous peoples’ issues, and where they can share experiences from their work with different development projects related to indigenous peoples. The Forum is led by an advisory board at the University of Tromsø, with external representation from the University of Bergen/IWGIA, the Sami Council and the Norwegian Church Aid. The Centre for Sami Studies at the University of Tromsø hosts the administration of the Forum. The Forum has contributed to focus on different aspects in the strategies from the cooperating countries and Norway concerning indigenous peoples, and how this influences the capacity and ability of indigenous peoples to shape and control their own development.

The conference languages will be Saami, Scandinavian and English. Please register for this year’s Forum conference “Globalization, Cultural resources and Indigenous Peoples” by using the registration form on our web pages: The number of participants is limited to 200. The registration deadline is set to September26th 2005.


Henry Minde (s)
Leader of the advisory board
Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples

Terje G. Lilleeng
Senior Executive Officer