Forum programme 2012

“Changing standards and practices – the same rights and peoples?”

Tuesday 9.10.2012

13.15-13.45: Registration, at University Campus, Teorifagbygget, Hus 1, Auditorium 1.

Opening of conference – setting the agenda

13.45 Opening by Torjer Olsen, Chair, Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples: “Challenges for Development cooperation with Indigenous Peoples”
14.00 Professor Sidsel Saugestad, Former chair of the Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples: Background for the establishment of the Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples. What happened to the mandate?
14.20 Questions and discussion.
14.30 Coffee. Posters by the students at the Master’s in Indigenous Studies (MIS)

Indigenous Peoples, REDD and Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative

15.00 Marte Nordseth, The Ministry of the Environment: “Indigenous Peoples, REDD and the Government of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative”.
15.30 Signe Howell, University of Oslo: ‘”No Rights – No REDD” a credibility gap between policy and practice’
16.00 Questions and discussion.
16.30 Coffee.
16.45: Ministry of Foreign affairs, Norway: Indigenous Peoples in the Norwegian development cooperation – New principles ahead?(tbc)
17.15 Edward Porokwa, PINGOs Forum, Tanzania: NORAD involvement on REDD with particular involvement of indigenous peoples and issues in Tanzania.
17.45 Questions and discussion
18.15: Bus departure from the University to Scandic Hotel

19.00: Dinner at Scandic Hotel

Wednesday 10.10.2012

09.00 Bus departure from Scandic Hotel to the University Campus.

Indigenous Rights – New mechanisms and standards

09.15 Dmitry Berezhkov, Russian Association of Indigenous Peoples of the North, Siberia and Far East (RAIPON): “Indigenous peoples’ experiences and perspectives on the new international standards in the fields of human rights and corporations.”
09.35 The Sami Parliament of Norway: Has Development work any role in the consultation mechanism between the Sami Parliament and the Norwegian Government?(tbc)
09.45. Questions and discussion
10.15 Coffee

Development work seen from the ground

10.30 Arne Kjell Raustøl, Digni: Indigenous development – Experiences and challenges seen from a NGO.
10.50 Tore Johnsen, Sami Church Council: Between grassroot experiences and policy making: Has the experience with the emerging indigenous agendas in the Churches relevance to the field of development?
11.10 Questions and discussion
11.30 Ragnhild Nystad, Mama Sara Education Foundation for Maasai Children: Indigenous to Indigenous cooperation
11.50 Kirsti Lervoll, Riddu Riđđu: “Culture work/cooperation as development cooperation. The Riddu Riđđu Festival as an arena for cross boarder projects between indigenous people”
12.10 Questions and discussion
12.30 Lunch.

Panel discussion – The way forward

13.30 Introductions to Roundtable discussion.
13.45 How to improve the quality of Norway’s development co-operation with Indigenous Peoples? Has the Forum have any role?
Comments by:
• Finn Arne Schancke Selfors, Chair of the Board, Centre for Sami studies.
• Representative, Norad
• Representative from NGOs
• Representative from Sami organizations
• Representative from the Sami Parliament
• Representative from the Forum for Development Cooperation with Indigenous Peoples


14.45-15.00 Closure of the Forum Conference 2012.