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Sami international solidarity



How does Sami international solidarity looks like? This was the central issue discussed at the workshop held last week by the Forum of Development and Cooperation for Indigenous Peoples, hosted at the Center for Northern Peoples in Manndalen, in Northern Norway. Here is a short about what was discussed.

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Samisk internasjonal solidaritet

Seminar Manndalen 14. januar 2015, Senter for nordlige folk.

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Photo: Senter for nordlige folk

Hvordan ser samisk internasjonal solidaritet ut? Hva innebærer det og hvordan kan det gjøres? I flere tiår har det samiske samfunnet vært en del av et internasjonalt fellesskap av urfolk. Både på det politiske, kulturelle og det religiøse området har den internasjonale dimensjonen vært viktig. På dette verkstedet inviterer vi aktører fra ulike sider av det samiske samfunnet til refleksjon og erfaringsutveksling om samisk internasjonal solidaritet. Samtalen heller enn foredraget står i sentrum.

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African Crossroads. The Politics of Development and Conflict

The issue of development and conflict in Africa is a highly political one. It is related to the difficult questions of identity and access to resources. Still, there is not one, single African context. During this parallel Session, there were three presentations on issues relating to the Politics of Development and Conflicts in Africa.

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Cross-cultural awareness in the North and the South

The first keynote plenary was «Working in Both the North and the South: Comparative Experiences» at which two speakers discussed this topic from their different perspectives. Professor Peter Geschiere (University of Amsterdam) and professor emerita Randi Rønning Balsvik (University of Tromsø) covered issues from Cameroon, Ethiopia and Norway.

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Reflections on Reflexivity

On Thursday, October 2nd 2014 as part of the “On Whose Terms?” NFU Conference hosted at Uit The Arctic University of Norway, social anthropologist and filmmaker Professor Lisbet Holtedal delivered her keynote address on the subject of Power, Communication and Development: Epistemological Output of Cross-Cultural Collaboration. In her address, Holtedahl reflected upon the ways in which the academy has historically created societal hierarchies and asymmetries of power – between the academy and society at large, between the global North and the global South, between men and women, and between all over marginalized groups and their privileged counterparts. These imbalances, she explained, persist to this day and the academy must realize both the ways in which it is responsible for these hierarchies and the ways in which it can help to level them. Holtedahl’s message is clear: the academy has a responsibility to those affected by its research, research which cannot exist without the experiences and knowledges of its subjects – without research subjects, there can be no research. “The reality”, Holtedahl says, “is that we need them”.

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