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Desires of the Recently Dead

Claire Schneid- Brown Bag Seminar: "Desires of the Recently Dead"
Claire Schneid- Brown Bag Seminar: “Desires of the Recently Dead”

16.10.2014. Death is an inevitable and ultimate truth. Art writer and critic Chris Townsend describes death as an event that cannot belong to us but rather only to those around us. It is such an impersonal phenomena that can neither be represented nor communicated by us. However, what happens when a community has a practice where dead have an ability to remain as a non-human entity in the human post human space? How do things take turn when dead have a power to communicate their desires through the living ones? How does the practice of ‘possession’ of a living by dead affect the judiciary system and other units of an indigenous community? Claire Scheid, a PhD candidate in the Study of Religions Department at National University of Ireland-University College Cork, in affiliation with Rajiv Gandhi University in India, studied this integrated system of ‘dead possessing the living’ among the indigenous ‘Adi’ community of Far Eastern Himalayan region of India.

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