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Sami international solidarity



How does Sami international solidarity looks like? This was the central issue discussed at the workshop held last week by the Forum of Development and Cooperation for Indigenous Peoples, hosted at the Center for Northern Peoples in Manndalen, in Northern Norway. Here is a short about what was discussed.

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Samisk internasjonal solidaritet

Seminar Manndalen 14. januar 2015, Senter for nordlige folk.

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Photo: Senter for nordlige folk

Hvordan ser samisk internasjonal solidaritet ut? Hva innebærer det og hvordan kan det gjøres? I flere tiår har det samiske samfunnet vært en del av et internasjonalt fellesskap av urfolk. Både på det politiske, kulturelle og det religiøse området har den internasjonale dimensjonen vært viktig. På dette verkstedet inviterer vi aktører fra ulike sider av det samiske samfunnet til refleksjon og erfaringsutveksling om samisk internasjonal solidaritet. Samtalen heller enn foredraget står i sentrum.

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Next Seminar: Samis and International Solidarity?

How does Sami international solidarity looks like? What is it and how can it be done? For decades the Sami community has been part of the international community of Indigenous Peoples. The international dimension has been essential in the advancement of all three side; political, cultural and spiritual development.

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Are businesses accountable for Indigenous Rights?

Current business development is filled with catchy words such as ‘sustainability’ and ‘corporate social responsibility’ (CSR). There is accumulating awareness about how businesses should have some form of ethical and social responsibility. Businesses have, at the least, the financial and political power to do so. However, the fundamental purpose of most businesses is a linear construction towards profit, so what are the obligations of businesses, especially when it comes to Indigenous Peoples?

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Aperçu of Seminar in Oslo

10736526_907172582627157_162049254_oThe Rainforest Foundation and the Forum for Development Cooperation of Indigenous Peoples welcomed last Tuesday Nov. 4 the seminar: “Businesses and human rights of indigenous peoples: challenges and protection mechanisms.”

“There are already several treaties and agreements. Even though it represents an essential foundation, we need to move forward with solid implementation. We need tools to strengthen the importance of these documents.” Directly from the start, these words from Rukka Sombolinggi of the Indigenous Peoples Alliance of the Archipelago (AMAN) have set the tone of the seminar.

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