Observing the Transit

National Observation Event at Tromsøhallen

There will be a national Venus Transit observation event at Tromsøhallen in Tromsø.

Free entrance!


  • 21.00: Start. Stands, aktivities and contests outdoors, at Tromsøhallen and the Science Center
  • 22.00-22.15: Information about the programme
  • 22.30: Pictures of the previous Venus Transit in 2004
  • 23.00: Information about school activities
  • 23.30: We get pictures of the sun (taken with a special camera (H-alpha) on the big screen – discussion about what we see
  • 23.30: The Science Center closes
  • 23.45: Countdown starts. Contact with observation sites in Norway and abroad. What’s the status? How are the weather conditions? Contact with Vardø?
  • 24.00: The historical day has started. Pictures of the Sun on the big screen, we start observing Venus.
  • 00.04: First contact! The Venus Transit has startedFørste kontakt! We get in observations from different observation sites to observe the parallax effect.
  • 00.22: Second contact. Venus is now completely in front of the sun.
  • 00.30-03.30: Changing between different observation sites in Norway and abroad. Commentaries from Svalbard (Spitzbergen), Vardø and many other sites.
  • 03.29: Venus is now in the middle of the sun.
  • 06.36: Third contact. Venus is about to leave the sun. Again, we will try to observe the parallax effect.
  • 06.54: Fourth and last contact. The last Venus Transit of our lifetime is over. Change of pictures for the parallax effect. We will get in the last pictures from different observation sites.
  • 07.00: Summary of the venus Transit.
  • 07.15: We will show videos (old and new ones that observants compiled during the Transit).
  • 07.30: Closing.

During the whole Transit Event there will be a variety of activities and exhibitions at Tromsøhallen and the outside surroundings.

For more information about the event (in norwegian), follow the link.

The Venus Transit timetable:

1. contact 00:04
2. contact 00:22
Middle of the Transit 03:29
3. contact 06:36
4. contact 06:54

Do you want to know more about the Venus Transit? Click here to learn more about the Transit (in norwegian!).