Follow the link to download the complete preliminary programme with all the abstracts as a PDF

The following speaker will present their papers in the following preliminary order:

PAPER 1               Suzanne Débarbat: “The Earth-Sun distance from Cassini (1625-1712) to the 21st  century”

PAPER 2               Steinar Thorvaldsen: “From Keplerian orbits to precise planet predictions: the mathematics behind the first observed transits of Mercury and Venus explained”

PAPER 3               David Dunér: “Venusians: The Planet Venus in the Eighteenth Century Extraterrestrial Life Debate”

PAPER 4               Eckehard Schmidt: “Vistas in Venus Transits on Stamps – Horizons of Astronomy and Culture”

PAPER 5               Simone Dumont & Monique Gros: “Paris : The important role of two French astronomers J.-N. Delisle and J.-J. Lalande in the choice of observing places during the transits of Venus in 1761 and 1769”

PAPER 6               Jean-Pierre Martin: “Jean Chappe d’Auteroche, collaborateur des Cassini”

PAPER 7               Thomas Posch: “The Jesuit observatories of Central Europe and their role in the Venus transit observations of 1761”

PAPER 8               Guy Ratier: “Observation of Venus and Mercury transits from the Pic-du-Midi Observatory”

PAPER 9               Chris Sterken: :  “Jean-Charles Houzeau and the 1882  Transits”

PAPER 10            Päivi Maria Pihlaja: “A Quest for Renown – Venus passages and the Image of the Northern Regions in Eighteenth-Century Scholarly Networks”

PAPER 11            Gudrun Bucher: “Transit observations as means to re-establish the reputation of the  Academy of Sciences”

PAPER 12            Per Pippin Aspaas: “Denmark-Norway, 1761-1769: two missed opportunities?”

PAPER 13            Osmo Pekonen: “The amateur astronomer Anders Hellant and the plight of his observations of the transits of Venus in Tornio, 1761 and 1769”

PAPER 14            Ulrich Dornsiepen: “Travelling to Russia for the Transit of Venus”

PAPER 15            Nils Voje Johansen – “The expeditions of William Bayly and Jeremiah Dixon to Hammerfest and Honningsvåg, 1769

PAPER 16            László Kontler: “Politicians, patriots and plotters: unlikely debates occasioned by the Venus Transit expedition of 1769”

PAPER 17            Johan Stén: “Anders Johan Lexell’s role in the determination of the solar parallax”