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Visual Anthropology master’s program


Team members:

Bjørn Arntsen, Associate Professor. (Profile)

Bjørn Artnsen (Associate Professor, UiT – Arctic University of Norway) is a visual anthropologist and filmmaker who has been conducting research and making films in Northern Norway and Northern Cameroon. He is the coordinator of the VISCAM project, a collaboration between two universities in Cameroon, in Bamako, Mali, and Tromsø, Norway developing a teaching program in Visual Anthropology.


Lisbet Holtedahl, Professor EmeritA. (Profile)

Lisbet Holtedahl (Professor Emerita, UiT – Arctic University of Norway) has been throughout her academic career conducting research in Niger, Northern Norway, and especially in Cameroon. Lisbet is currently professor emerita at the Visual Anthropology program at UiT. She continues working on the audio-visual material collected in Africa and Northern Norway and travels to Cameroon every year.


PETIA MANKOVA, Associate Professor. (Profile)

Petia Mankova (Associate Professor UiT – Arctic University of Norway) has gained in-depth knowledge of Northwest Russia, Norwegian-Russian relations, and indigenous peoples in the Arctic, through a number of research projects. Her professional interests lie at the intersection of modern history, anthropological perspectives, and visual culture. She was the picture editor and editorial secretary for the book project “The Asymmetric Neighborhood: Norway and Russia 1814-2014” and has taught at UIT since 2001.


Trond Waage, Associate Professor. (Profile)

Trond Waage (Associate Professor UiT – Arctic University of Norway) holds a Ph.D. in Visual Anthropology. Waage has made several anthropological films from Cameroon and Norway. He has been teaching at the Visual Anthropology program at UiT / The Arctic University of Norway since it opened. He is also a board member in the VISCAM and coordinator of the ‘Visual Anthropology of the North’ project.