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Team members:

Elena Liarskaya, assistant Professor. (Profile)

Elena Lirskaya is an Assistant Professor at the Department of Anthropology, European University at St. Petersburg. Her academic interests are the transformation of native culture in the Far North, anthropology of education, family models, reproductive behavior, birth control, cultural change, comparison between tundra and settlement.


Ilya Uthekin, Professor. (Profile)

Ilya Utekhin is a professor in the Department of Anthropology, European University at St. Petersburg. He is the author of a monographic study of shared apartments in Soviet and post-Soviet Russia that was made accessible to international audiences as Virtual Museum of Soviet Everyday Life (, video-based multimedia website). His recent book on ethnographic film (“What is Visual Anthropology. A Guide to the Classics of Ethnographic Film”) reflects his experience in teaching visual anthropology. His films include “Volunteers” (on Russian residential institutions for people with developmental and mental disabilities) and “Kupalo”(on neo-pagan Summer solstice ritual).


Stephan Dudeck, Assistant Professor. (Profile)

Stephan Dudeck (Assistant Professor, European University at St. Petersburg)  is an anthropologist working at the European University at Saint Petersburg (Russia) and the Arctic Centre of the University of Lapland (Finland). He has established close collaborations with Siberian indigenous peoples and conducted long-term anthropological fieldwork with Siberian reindeer herding communities.