Conversation with the Weyto

Filmmaker:  Zerihun Abebe Woldeselassie

Year of Production: 2001
Duration: 29 min.
Location: Ethiopia
Sound: mono
Language: Amharic
English Subtitles

This film is about an indegenious group of people, called the weyto found in northwest Ethiopia. The Weyto are an Islamised indegenious people of the North West Ethiopia. They are stigimatised group with a lower social status within the region. In the conversation, which my friend and I made with some members of the group, I tried to convey the voices of the Weyto and also the virtual experience of being Weyto. The film also exposes the context in which my friend and I experience and encounter. It is therefore both a product of my experience as well as a reflection of the experience during the fieldwork processes.

Copyright: 2001 Visual Cultural Studies, University of Tromsø

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