Scrap is our future (Le fer est notre avenir)

Filmmaker: Lankissa Tizi Pierre

Year of production: 2020
Location: Ngaoundéré, Cameroon
Duration:  36 minutes
Sound: mono
Language: Fulfulde, French
Subtitles: English and French

Scrap is our future is a film made about teenage garbage collectors in Ngaoundéré, a city in northern Cameroon. This film tells an intimate story of Dembélé an orphan, which since the death of his mother in 2015, has become responsible for his own life. His life is set in the streets with other youths collecting scrap. Dirty, sleeping in left-behind bus wreck, addicted to various drugs, they belong to a growing but highly stigmatised group of youths in Ngaoundéré. Reflecting over life Dembélé says “it is scrap that is our future”.

Copyright: 2020  Visual Cultural Studies, University of Tromsø

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