Women and Development: An Invisible Presence

Filmmaker: Asta Méré Rachel

Year of production: 2019
Location: Makassa, Cameroon
Duration: 28 minutes
Sound: mono
Language: Giziga, Fulfulde, French
Subtitles: English and French

Women and Development: An Invisible Presence is an Ethnographic film that presents the organization and conduct of the development committee in the Makassa village in the Far North Cameroon. The issue of gender and development is raised here through the participation of women in certain specific activities in the development committee. They may not be visible in the decision-making bodies, but, in a culturally defined role play, the film shows us that the women of the Makassa village participate in their own way in the development of their locality.

Copyright: Études culturelles visuelles 2019, Université de Tromsø

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