Le Cabaret de la Mater

Filmmaker: André Ganava

Year of production: 2008
Location: Cameroon
Duration:  39 minutes
Sound: mono
Language: French, Fulfulde, Mafa
Subtitles: English

This film takes us into the world of “Le cabaret de la Mater”.  Within the confines of a small backyard on the outskirts of Maroua city we get to know about traditional beer brewing done daily as a family business run by women and about the life and the worldview of mater, the proprietor. The little backyard is not just a brewery; it’s their pub as well; a place where people from all backgrounds and stations gather to debate the complexities of life and politics in contemporary Cameroon. Mater’s pub is not just for eating, drinking and making merry, it serves too as a neighborhood “parliament of the people”.

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Copyright: 2008 Visual Cultural Studies, University of Tromsø

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