3105 how to

History of Film (SVF – 3105) is a learning tool that combines video-lectures and source materials with written assignments and course participation.

In the Classroom

The video-lecture will be shown in the classroom. After the video-lecture the student/s will introduce the relevant film. In some cases there is another video-lecture following the film screening.

Independent Learning

The video-lectures are available for re-watching with the password. With the lecture package is included a written assignment and relevant source materials with which to answer the assignment.

Lecture Series

Lecture 1 – Early Pioneers, Nanook of the North (1922)

Lecture 2 – Direct Cinema, Salesman (1969)

Lecture 3 – Cinema Verité, Chronicle of a Summer (1961)

Lecture 4 – Observational Cinema, Celso and Cora (1983)

Lecture 5 – Women’s Worlds, Maasai Women (1974)

Lecture 6 – Camera Based Situational Analysis, Les Maîtres Fous (1955)

Lecture 7 – Overview of Film History in West Africa

Lecture 8 – North South Relationships