Voices of Women (VOW) is a transnational educational project funded by the ERASMUS+ program. The project brings together students and teachers to work on strengthening and ensuring women’s rightful place in the historical, contemporary and future arenas of artistic production. VOW contributes to common EU values in relation to cultural awareness anchored in historical heritage which have not received their fair share of attention, analysis, interpretation, and performance.

The project activities aim at the following outcomes:

  1. Performing repertoire created by women composers in 19th and 20th century Europe
  2. Training students and others to become active agents of change
  3. Creating a roadmap to curriculum transformation and social change in art education
  4. Establishing a transnational network of artists, researchers, policy makers and other stakeholders who would like to contribute to ensuring women’s rightful place in the historical, contemporary and future arenas of artistic production

By developing and providing educational material based on art experimentation VOW will implement inter-connected, international, inclusive and innovative training of higher education students.

VOW is based on the idea that in order to provide social innovation, we need to educate agents of change who can hear voices of women and act towards more inclusive societies. We hereby propose a focus on women’s voices as an exemplification of the aims to train future generations in co-creating knowledge for a resilient, inclusive and sustainable society. Indeed, we thus aim to contribute to gender balance in higher education institutions and beyond.

VOW will further provide research-based opportunities for professional development for all Europeans interested in exploring performative, theoretical, analytical, social, managerial and educational impacts of gender equality. This will be achieved by disseminating information regarding project trainings and digitally-streamed multiplier events so as to increase impact of the project in the world of the arts and beyond.

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