Call for papers

This is a hybrid online and onsite conference.

You may submit for paper presentation or poster presentation. Details given on the submissions site, please use submission button below.

Registration for online or onsite participation will be done at a later stage.


strands & themes

  1. Indigenous languages and cultures
  2. Intergenerational transfer and tensions
  3. Imagination, play and work
  4. Exploration and cultural formation
  5. Art, technology and pedagogy
  6. Explorative and multimodal methodology
  7. Cultural historical methodology
  8. Sustainable solutions – changing and transforming practices
  9. Sámegielat mánáidgárde- ja skuvlamánáid giella ja jurddašeapmi (Sámi-speaking children’s use of language and reasoning in kindergarten and school)
  10. Covid-19: implications for and experiences from ECEC practices
  11. Phd-event


Call for papers and poster presentations

The aims for the conference are to discuss and reflect upon contemporary tensions in the global early childhood field:

  • How early childhood research can contribute to sustainable futures
  • Children in the world as simultaneously local and global citizens
  • Children as persons who have family- and institutional lives that are affected by society’s wider perceptions of them as minority and/or majority participants
  • Children’s institutional lives in specific places and times
  • Children and families as unique cases, events and trajectories in transitions and transformations
  • Inter-generational transfer and tensions
  • Play and relations to work and everyday life activities
  • How traditional knowledge and memories can be a resource in innovative practices, new understandings and formal knowledge
  • Collaborate working methods, experiences and innovative methodologies
  • Storytelling that enriches understandings of children, teachers, families, institutions and local places


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Main conference

Event Info

The event will take place at Teorifagbygget, Hus 1
Breivika , 9007 Tromso



Phd event

Phd students and supervisors

The event is free for phd students and supervisors.

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