Work Package 1

Norwegian-Russian bilinguals                  

Leader: Associate professor Yulia Rodina
Other participants: Natalia Mitrofanova, Olga Urek, Terje Lohndal, Björn Lundquist, Marit Westergaard


WP description (from the project proposal, slightly revised)
In addition to the dense corpus, WP1 will use production experiments to investigate grammatical gender and word order phenomena in Norwegian-Russian bilinguals. For the gender study, WP1 will expand the experimental work used in Rodina & Westergaard (2013b, 2015) to include nonce nouns and experiments with mismatched cues, in order to investigate whether children who hardly ever produce a particular gender form, e.g. certain feminines in Norwegian or the opaque neuters in Russian, nevertheless are sensitive to these forms in processing. The monolingual Norwegian controls will be tested in Tromsø and Oslo and the monolingual Russians in Moscow.

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