Why can I find some irrelevant articles/datasets/contributions (i.e., not related to Polar regions) when I perform a search? / How can I report irrelevant records? 

  • Open Polar uses machine learning algorithms to extract only polar-related records based on more than 11,000 keywords. The current Open Polar database includes more than 1.7 million records after the filtration process, from more than 270 million available records collected from 4600 content providers.   
  • In this process, we have to admit that a small number of irrelevant records make it into Open Polar, due to the large number of the pre-filtration records. 
  • We keep working to improve the quality of the Open Polar database.  
  • You can use the feedback button that appears with each record to send us feedback if you find the record to be irrelevant. We will then remove it from Open Polar after a review process.