A film by Haukur Sigurdsson,
Country: Iceland,
Duration: 30min,
Language: Icelandic,
Subtitles: English,
Year: 2012

Wild eider ducks come back year after year to the same nesting grounds, areas where they know they are safe from predators. In Dyrafjordur fjord in northwest Iceland, a group of gentlemen dedicates more than two months out of the year taking care to protect these ducks. In return, they get to keep the valuable eiderdown that the ducks provide for their nests. The duck’s main predator is the arctic fox, Iceland’s only native land mammal. The foxes come down from the hills and into the fields during the bright arctic nights. The eider farmers are ready to fight the sly fox with old jeeps and guns, home-made poetry, and cakes. Skolliales is a film about man’s relationship with nature. It’s the story of eider farmers and neighbors, Valdimar and Zófonías, and their friends. Between the men, the eider ducks, and the arctic fox there is a unique relationship that is based on understanding, respect, and friendship.

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