Most videos in these archives are yet to be subtitled in English, with certain exceptions such as Siberia through Siberian Eyes.


Communal Living in Russia

This Web site–an online ethnographic museum–explores and explains a striking social phenomenon: the Soviet “kommunalka,” or communal apartment.

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Lectures and seminars of the Faculty of Anthropology.

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Центр Визуальной Антропологии
Center for Visual Anthropology

The Center for Audiovisual Research of the Institute of Ethnology and Anthropology of the Russian Academy of Sciences was created based on the archive of audio and visual materials accumulated by the staff of the Institute during field ethnographic research for more than 70 years.

Click here for the YouTube channel. is an archive of documentary films made in countries of the former USSR since the early 2000s. The catalog is arranged according to the classic principle of film libraries: it contains a detailed database, descriptions, photos, trailers, screenings, selections, and retrospectives.

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