4 PhD Scholarships

Create relevant knowledge about the changing livelihood strategies in Northern Cameroon

Four PhD candidates will be recruited from Cameroon (3) and Mali (1), possess a Master’s

Degree in Visual Cultural Studies from UiTromsø. 


The elected candidate will develop a research proposal responding to the following text:

Employing an empirical, dailogue-based approach ensures the relevance and applicability of the knowledge generated. Fieldwork conducted by students and PhD candidates enrolled in the project will focus on livelihood conditions in Northern Cameroon. These have undergone drastic deterioration in recent years. This will also be the involved researchers’ focus (financed from other sources). Violent conflict and the Boko Haram insurgency, drought, and migration have brought chronic insecurity and instability to the entire region, hampering vital socioeconomic development. This has far-reaching implications that will be felt not just in Africa, but in Europe and by the rest of the globe. As refugees gather on the shores of the Mediterranean, a new awareness is growing in the North—security and livelihood conditions in Sahelian Africa will have telling consequences for Europe. Our future wellbeing demands that we acknowledge the global interconnection of events and their repercussions. Our future is global, one we will share with others on the planet. Violent insurgencies, «terrorism,» climate change, and migration constitute global issues, not local ones. By approaching theses urgent matters together we can work to mitigate and counteract the most deleterious of emergent trends.


Applications by: xx.02.2017

To be sendt to Mouzamou and Bjørn (email)

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