Marriage is a Partnership

Filmmaker:  Habi

Year of production: 2002
Location: North Cameroon
Duration: 31 min.
Sound: mono
Language: English
English Subtitles

For many years, North Cameroon has been considered as the less educated region in the country. As time has passed, more and more children has been sent to formal education, though with an imbalance between the sexes (fewer girls than boys). Female representation are weaker the higher up the educational ladder one looks. paradoxally, there’s a tendency towards insisting that a woman should attend some formal education to be able to “get” a husband; “but not to much because it might be dangerous or threatening to the consept of masculinity developed by men in the region.”
“Marriage Is A Partnership” is a documentary where students (mostly female) and lecturers (men) confirm, justify and/or condemn ideas and stereotypes linked to the status of the female Muslim student. The film enlightenes the public on the following question: Why is it so complicated for a female Muslim student from the northern part of Cameroon to find herself the man of her dreams, to get maried out of love, and foremost, to get married when she wishes, without taking into acount factors such as social commodities and material goods?

Copyright: 2002  Visual Cultural Studies, University of Tromsø

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