The Bastards Down the Road

Filmmaker: Guimaye Juvintus

Year of production: 2020
Location: Cameroon
Duration:  17 minutes
Sound: mono
Language: Fulfude, French, Baytsawara
English Subtitles

It was around the 2000s that young indigenous people from the Dza-wanday village in the Far North of Cameroon put pressure on the non-native Ldamang to release their land. Faced with the harassment of the natives, the foreigners, who wanted to claim ownership of this part of the land, refused. This is how tensions broke out in 2008 following the murder of a young person from Chougoulé by the Ldamang, thus triggering violence and conflicts in both villages. The film is part of my research carried out in the Dza-wandai village which presents the behavior of the inhabitants of this village in the face of this community conflict. It also shows what Zamai, one of the candidates for the traditional chiefdom of the village, who has been the victim of the conflict and the violent clashes that took place between their village and the Ldamang, a neighboring people when he was enthroned, thinks.

Copyright: 2020  


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