Reporting from Tromsø are Andreas, Vegar, Karoline and Gry

Jooohh! As a result of “African time”, this post is running late. We got emotional when leaving Machiu Primary on Friday, thinking of all the good memories and experiences we had in four weeks. This practice period has without doubt been the most adventurous. When arriving back in Tromsø, we got to process all the impressions and tell people at home about the experiences.

We have seen how a thousand learners with different backgrounds came to school every morning to learn and play together. We have been greeted every morning with smiles and hugs. The learners have been so respectful, patient, and curious about us and our culture. We got to try out teaching lessons which were completely new for the learners, but still they were eager to participate.

We have really felt like a part of the Machiu family. The teachers have been helpful and taken us everywhere to experience the South African culture. In school they were always curious about us and how our day/week was. After school the teachers took us out to different events. One day we went on a safari with some of the teachers and on another occasion, we went to an Oktoberfest.

This has been such a wonderful experience and we hope to go back one day to meet all the lovely learners, teachers and people again. Until then, we’re out.