Between 14-16th September 2022, Centre for Arctic Gas Hydrate, Environment and Climate (CAGE) will host the ‘Methane in a Changing Arctic’ International Conference in Tromsø, Norway.


This conference aims to bring together scientists working on all aspects of Arctic methane and its role in the global carbon cycle. It will provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussion and exchange of knowledge relating to our current understanding of these complex systems and their response to and impact on, the rapid environmental and climatic changes that characterise the Arctic.


The conference will address themes including the formation, storage, cycling, transport, release and budgets of methane through the Arctic geo-, hydro-, cryo- and atmosphere since the onset of Northern Hemisphere glaciation and towards the future. There will be a strong emphasis on integration of these themes, and we encourage all relevant contributions to the following topics:

Methane in the geosphere: subsurface thermogenic, (a-)biogenic and methane stores and sinks

Methane in the hydrosphere: methane processes and budgets in marine and lacustrine settings

Methane in the cryosphere: methane dynamics in ice sheets and permafrost

Methane in the atmosphere: methane source, sinks, and budget in the atmosphere

Microbial cycling of methane: the role of microbes in methane budgets

Past methane histories: past methane processes and budgets as analogues for future climate scenarios


The registration and abstract submission for this conference are now active!

Stay tuned for more and we hope to see you in September!

Best wishes,

Mariana Esteves, on behalf of the CAGE International Conference Organising committee