Rituals after our Arctic expeditions

It has become a habit when we finish an expedition in Longyearbyen to celebrate the hard work with a dinner all together in one of the few restaurants in town, Kroa. A day before reaching the harbor Sunil had already booked our table. This year we were the right number of people and got the Round Table, just like King Arthur’s table. Several hours before our closing dinner we were already in town having some drinks together. We continued with the dinner and finished with a round of emblematic bars in Longyearbyen.

Photo: The group with the feet on the ByKai

I write about this because it caused me a big (good) impression to see a lot of life in the bars and streets of Longyearbyen despite all the unusual rules that we have to follow to continue with our “normal” lives. Longyearbyen is a strange place; the city and the people here are full of energy.

We had a cozy night together and some of us came across the ship crew and could share a bit with them outside work. Rituals mark and create time, they define beginnings and ends in our social cycles, they strengthen social relationships.

Now ready to go back home.

Photo: we finish a cruise and a season. The sun tells us “good bye and see you in a while”…



Text and photos: Andreia Plaza-Faverola