A new cruise season starts – what will the Ocean Bottom Seismometers (OBS) we left last year tell us?

Planning a cruise this year has obviously not been easy – why should have it? We are all across the planet leaving a difficult time.

But here we are, we got onboard for a 15 days research cruise with the main objective of recovering the OBSs that we deployed last year (se previous posts). We are a compact scientific crew this year: Przemek, Frances, Vera, Mechita and Andreia, with support from our engineers Truls and Stormer (nothing to complain about the gender balance). For the first time in many years I am coming to an OBS/seismic cruise without Stefan and Sunil and the possibility of not managing to get a code or a program running makes me anxious J

We left Tromsø in calm waters with a suffocating temperature of nearly 30 C. Now we are back to Arctic temperatures…We have used the transit to set and test software and equipment. Tomorrow we will be on site by 18:00 to pick up the first (southernmost) OBS from 10 we have in the water at the northern termination of the Knipovich Ridge.

Just a few minutes ago they called us from the bridge to see a bunch of Finn whales and dolphins playing together very close from the ship. The perfect spectacle to continue the transit.


Photo: Sailing from Tromsø Onboard R/V Helmer Hanssen in a calm sea at 30 C

Text and photo: Andreia Plaza-Faverola