TROLLing has been upgraded!

The TROLLing archive is now running on a new version (4.3) of the Dataverse software. Unfortunately, the freeze period lasted longer than expected, but from today, users may again archive their linguistic data in TROLLing.

Important information for existing user:

  • UiT external users: Please use the log in section on the left hand side. In order to be able to log into your account, you have to reset your password by clicking on the Forgot your password link. Please note that in this initial password reset, your “new” password may be identical to your existing one.
  • UiT users: Please use the log in section on the right hand side. User your FEIDE username and password. No password reset is required.

For existing as well as new users:

  • In order to get started with TROLLing, please visit our updated user guides here.


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