Diyam Wala: Water and Life in Kalfou Cameroon

Filmmaker: Hamidou Moussa Dairou

Year of production: 2012
Location:  Kalfou – Cameroon
Duration: 31 minutes
Sound: mono
Language: French
English Subtitles

Kalfou is a village in Far North Cameroon. It lies on the front-line of global climate change as the Sahara desert creeps ever southward into once fertile human habitats.

Halilou Siddiki, a Fulani elder of Kalfou, introduces us to the problem of chronic water shortage and shows us its effects on everyday life.

The whole region is becoming ever more marginal in feeding its people and the animals, central to the economy – and to culture.

The permanent drought situation is pushing some people to burn the bush in search of small animals and to make wood gathering and selling easier.  Also climate change is forcing elephant herds to invade and destroy croplands.  These secondary effects make the water problem worse. But the wet season finally arrives in Kalfou and along with the rain we see the blooming of the joy of life and abundant harvests.

But Halilou worries that the rain period gets shorter each year; that it will no longer sustain his people in their homeland.

Copyright: 2012  Visual Cultural Studies, University of Tromsø

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