Food Stories

Filmmaker: Eline Arnevåg Lågeide

Year of production: 2016
Location: Norway
Duration: 30 minutes.
Sound: mono
Language: Norwegian
English Subtitles

Food Stories is a film that explores how particular food commodities are related to memories and emotions. The film is an outcome of a three-month fieldwork at Alanya Import, a greengrocery shop at Storgata in Tromsø, Norway. Different customers and goods are being followed through daily grocery shopping, cooking and sharing a meal.

The film’s point of departure is how the customers relate to their food from their home countries. Various perspectives are presented in sensory meetings at kitchens around in Tromsø. Food becomes a window into different immigration and globalization processes. Furthermore does the film presents an insight of kids growing up in several contexts when it comes to food traditions.

Copyright: 2016  Visual Cultural Studies, University of Tromsø

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ABSTRACT Abstract thesis The purpose of this thesis is to discuss how the study of food relations can contribute to an insight in to the social dynamics of integration and globalisation processes. The empirical data is primarily based on a three-month fieldwork at Alanya Import, an international grocery shop at Storgata in Tromsø, Norway. I followed different customers and food commodities from Alanya Import to various kitchens in Tromsø. My research question as a starting point is how they relate to food from their homeland. The national, cosmopolitan and international are some of the belongings that are being expressed through grocery shopping, cooking and eating. My point of departure was to enlighten the anthropological insight that globalisation does not lead to cultural homogeneity, but new variation patterns. Further – how global processes are understood locally. My argument is that the senses are a highly important aspect of the understanding of complex identity processes in a complex urban space. It is a study of how particular food commodities are connected to memories and emotions, through senses and stories. I will argue how the camera is an excellent tool in doing research on the mentioned themes. Key words: Anthropology, visual anthropology, ethnographic film, food commodities, senses, taste, smell, memories, non-verbal knowledge, visual and invisible knowledge, integration, globalization, cosmopolitanism, multiculturalism, International shop, International city, Tromsø, north of Norway.

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