PhD course in anthropological writing inTromsø. Spring 2020



                                     Character driven film and actor oriented anthropology

The course will explore visual and written narratives according to, Frampton’s approach (“Found in the Field” (2007), and how this approach establishes a foundation for anthropological knowledge. Different examples that cover how anthropologists relate to various stylistic and structural approaches to narrative, and how this relates to anthropological knowledge will be discussed. Why do filmmakers use a specific style to answer their own individual research questions and, equally; why do writers use a specific style to answer their own research questions? How does this narrative strategy succeed or fail?


The course will further explore character-driven narratives and how they link to actor oriented anthropology. Within this approach the focus on specific individuals becomes the access point for understanding broader socio-cultural systems. The students will submit a narrative, a film or a written essay, based on their fieldwork, ahead of the course. During the course they will present a paper exploring anthropological knowledge that departs in approach from their submitted narrative work.

This course is obligatory for all PhD students coming to Tromsø

The cours on anthropological writing is organised in three parts

Part one

Professor Paul Stoller give the two following lectures

  1. Ethnographic Practices: From fieldwork to the Construction of Texts
  2. How to tell a good story–evoking space/place/ writing dialogue and constructing character

The lectures are 20-21st of February, on Skype

Info Paul Stoller:

Part two

After these classes will all of you have 4 weeks to write a paper.  

This mean that you will edit and write parallelly.  (From the 20th of February to the 2nd of March will the editing rooms be closed for PhD Students) The papers are submitted the 6th of March.

Stoller will give individual and common feedback on the papers.

Part three

Meeting in Tromsø: The course will be 2-3 days depending on numbers of students

22nd, 23d and 24th April.

The course starts with Paul Stoller giving his general comments on the student´s papers.

Students with films will present them during the course. 


External lecturer will be Rogers Orock, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

Rogers Orocks CV:

In addition will Prof Emirata Lisbet Holtedahl and Associate professor Trond Waage participate


Program will follow

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