Elma Blom receives Vici award!

Exiting news!

Our new AcqVA Aurora Prof II Elma Blom has just received a Vici award (1.5 mill euros) for her project Mix die taal! Or maybe not? (see more below). Vici is one of the largest grants for individuals in the Netherlands and targets advanced researchers. The funding enables the recipients to set up their own innovative line of research and put together their own research group.


CongratulationsElma!!! We are looking forward to hearing more about this interesting project!


Mix die taal! Or maybe not?

Prof. dr. W. B. T. (ElmaBlom (f), UU – Language teaching and acquisition

Many bilinguals combine or mix languages when they speak. The researchers aim to find out if children have difficulties learning language from mixed sources, how and why children mix, and if language mixing is different for children with and without a Developmental Language Disorder.


Elma Blom, Prof. II UiT,  Prof. dr. Universiteit Utrecht     


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