Terje Lohndal receives prestigious award

Terje Lohndal has been awarded a research prize for young outstanding scholars from the Research Council of Norway. The prize of 500.000 NOK is one of three awards presented to young researchers within different categories, and is intended to reward high quality work as well as innovative academic thinking. On behalf of everyone in the AcqVA group, we congratulate Terje on this amazing achievement!

Forskningsrådets pris for unge fremragende forskere

Vi gratulerer Terje Lohndal som tildeles Forskningsrådet sin pris for unge fremragende forskere innen samfunnsvitenskap og humaniora!

Publisert av NTNU Institutt for språk og litteratur Torsdag 15. februar 2018

RCN article

NTNU article and interview with Gunnar Bovim
UiT article

(16.02.2018) -Click to enlargeTerje Lohndal receives prestigious award

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