4th pan-Arctic Integration symposium

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Arctic SIZE organised and financed the 4th pan-Arctic Integration symposium, entitled “Towards a unifying pan-Arctic perspective of the contemporary and future Arctic Ocean”.  These symposia have created the base for today’s pan-Arctic understanding, summarized in three volumes in Progress in Oceanography (2006: Structure and function of contemporary food webs on Arctic shelves: a pan-Arctic comparison.  Progress in Oceanography 71: 123-477; 2011: Arctic Marine Ecosystems in an Era of Rapid Climate Change.  Progress in Oceanography 90: 1- 131; 2015: Overarching perspectives of contemporary and future ecosystems in the Arctic Ocean.  Progress in Oceanography 139: 1- 271).  The 4th symposium, which also will result in a new volume in years to come, gathered 35 scientists from 8 countries.  It took place from Friday 20/10 to Thursday 26/10 in the Istrian hill town of Motovun. 

Scientists in attendance (with current country affiliation)

  1. Ilker Fer (Nor)
  2. Achim Randelhoff (Nor)
  3. Julienne Stroeve (GB)
  4. Ingrid Ellingsen (Nor)
  5. Eddy Carmack (CAN)
  6. Antje Boetius (Ger)
  7. Marcel Babin (CAN)
  8. Marcus Janout (Ger)
  9. Griet Neukermans (Fra)
  10. Paul Wassmann (Nor)
  11. Maria Gavrilo (Rus)
  12. Bodil Bluhm (Nor)
  13. Vassily A. Spiridonov (Rus)
  14. Igor Polyakov (USA)
  15. Dorte Krause-Jensen (Dk)
  16. Marit Reigstad (Nor)
  17. Ksenia Kosobokova (Rus)
  18. Paty Matrai (USA)
  19. Jackie Grebmeier (USA)
  20. Jean Eric Tremblay (Can)
  21. Christoffer J. Mundy (Can)
  22. Kristina Brown (Can)
  23. Johnna Holding (Dk)
  24. Ingrid Wiedmann (Nor)
  25. Michael Sejr (Dk)
  26. Anya Waite (Ger)
  27. Dieter Piepenburg (Ger)
  28. Haakon Hop (Nor)
  29. Eva Leu (Nor)
  30. Philipp Assmy (Nor)
  31. Yueng Diem Lenn (GB)
  32. Andrey Vedenin (Rus)
  33. Seth Danielson (USA)
  34. Martin Vancoppenolle (Fr)
  35. Liza Ershova (Nor)