Arctic SIZE, ABC and PRIZE cruise

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It has been a busy spring semester, especially for the SIZE PhDs and postdocs. While some are carrying out fieldwork in Billefjorden on Svalbard, others where out in the Northern Barents Sea onboard the Helmer Hanssen. We left Tromsø on April 23rd, and headed straight up the Northern Barents Sea. Weather on the way up was a bit rough, so not much was going on during the first 48hrs of the cruise (except a lot of shouting into the great white ring of porselen…). First on the agenda when we reached 75 degrees north, was to pick up the glider that were deployed in the same area three months earlier during the polar night cruise. Two new gliders were deployed at the same time that will be out until the British research vessel JCR picks them up in June-July. After the retrieval and deployments of gliders, we more or less followed and sampled the same stations as we did during the polar night cruise, mainly focusing on the 30 degrees East parallel. The cruise ended in Longyearbyen on Saturday the 5th of May. The next cruise, with many of the same participants and visiting the same stations, will be onboard the British JCR in June.