AeN Arctic Microalgae Workshop

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Last week, Ulrike Dietrich and Tobias Vonnahme participated in a workshop on Arctic microalgae taxonomy. The workshop was organized by the Arved etter Nansen project, where Tobias and Ulrike joined and collaborated during a cruise last August.

During the workshop experts and beginners in algae taxonomy gathered to study different microalgae from samples, and cultures from Arctic systems, including the Barents sea, sea ice, and the Central Arctic Ocean. We prepared species lists for typical Arctic samples collected on previous cruises and discussed the taxonomy of difficult taxa. The aim was to be consistent and comparable in our taxonomic identifications.

We got to know a large vari ety of Arctic diatoms and dinoflagellates from very different systems. We also had a first look on our samples from the seasonal Ramfjorden study and found a high diversit of dinoflagellates and diatoms, including the typical sea ice algae Haslea vitrea.

Microalgae found in Ramfjorden

Microalgae from the Barents sea and one of our species lists