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We are looking for a new colleague to join our group! Applications for the position in Cognitive Psychology are in and the evaluation committee has started their work. We look forward to welcoming a new colleague to our group sooner than later!

Welcome to the EPIC Cognitive Research Group

Life is mundane, and life is epic. We get that. That’s why we pursue pressing questions related to how we think and learn, and how we use those skills to manage our complex, everyday lives. Our fascinations lead us to exploring how and why thinking and learning make living rich and important, and how and why we sometimes cognitively stumble along the way.

Recent research projects span everything from basic research in metacognition, critical thinking, language comprehension, effective learning, information literacy, and the nature of interest and courage to topics in decision-making in uncertain circumstances, procrastination, youth anxiety, student dropout and delusional thinking. We work with basic and applied research both in and outside the lab. Target populations we have worked with are varied, spanning students, patients, tourists and even, once upon a time, moths.

With our diverse interests we have built a community where we make space for creative collaborations and space for following complementary research interests on our own or with others both within and far beyond UiT. Many of us also have the pleasure of doing research with students from all of our in-house study programs.

Our members and and their UiT home pages can be found below. To learn more about their personal interests, check out our members page, as well.

Permanent Faculty

Tove I. Dahl, Professor

Phone: +47 77645456

Frode Svartdal, Professor

Phone: +47 77644345

Rannveig Grøm Sæle, Associate Professor

Phone: +47 77644852

Torstein Låg

Phone: +47

Jon-André Dalbakk, Senior Advisor

Phone: +47 77620951


Research Fellows and Post-Doctoral Fellows

Thor Gamst-Klaussen, Post-Doctoral Fellow

Phone:+47 77620710

Magnus Ingebrigtsen, PhD student

Phone:+47 99293800

Efim Nemtcan, PhD student


Ellen Nierenberg, PhD student

Phone:+47 77644133


Research and Master’s Student


Elisabeth Norman, (UiB, past Professor II)

Isabel Kreis (graduated 2021, researcher at CARE)

Phone:+47 77645302

Connie Villemo Nilsen (graduated with PhD, 2019)

Kent Nordby (graduated with PhD, 2020)

Jens Andreas Terum (graduated with PhD)

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