Landslide geotourism series. Geosite 1: Skredan

by Louise Vick

Geosite type: Landslide/rock avalanche

Distance from Tromsø: 10 minutes drive (or bus) and 3 hours return hiking

Coordinates: 69.593284, 18.960780

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Aerial photo from Norge i bilder Tromsø 2011 series

About the geosite: Skredan is a spectacular landslide which sits above the village of Kaldsletta, 13 km south of Tromsø city centre on the mainland. It is a type of landslide termed a rock avalanche, meaning that a volume of rock collapsed and travelled in an avalanche train down the mountainside. We do not know a lot about this particular rock avalanche, for example when it occurred or if anyone was living there at the time. It is unlikely to have caused any damage as it did not reach the farms below, and based on other data sets could have occurred up to thousands of years ago. The hazard and risk posed by further rock avalanches from this area is currently under investigation. The avalanche is very prominent. It has a high and steep head wall/cliff at the top, and very prominent lobes of shattered rock debris sitting on the mountainside below. The avalanche has not traveled very far in comparison with other similar avalanches in the area. More geological information can be found in Andreas’ masters thesis (Norwegian). Continue reading Landslide geotourism series. Geosite 1: Skredan