Special Issue

All manuscripts presented at the NETS2022 either as platform or poster presentations are invited to be submitted as full research articles in our special issue in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health part A (JTEH) published by Taylor & Francis.

This journal, with Prof. Sam Kacew as Editor-in-Chief, features strictly refereed original research in the broad field of environmental toxicology and health.

Previous symposia were published in Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health (JTEH) 69:1-200 (2006) with Prof. Janneche Utne Skaare as Guest Editor, in JTEH 72:111-294 (2009) with Prof. Augustine Arukwe as Guest Editor, JTEH 74:405-619 (2011) with Prof. Anders Goksøyr as Guest Editor, in JTEH 77: 479-662 (2014) with Dr. Geir Wing Gabrielsen as Guest Editor, in JTEH 79: 513-674 (2016) with Prof. Daniela Pampanin as Guest Editor and in JTEH 80:805-1047 (2017) with Prof. Knut Erik Tollefsen and Prof. Sam Kacew as Guest Editors.

Submission of manuscripts for publication in the 9th NETS Special Issue is now open.

NEW Deadline for submission in the SI: 31 December 2022.

Submission Guidelines

Please submit your manuscript by following the authors instructions on the Journal´s webpage:


When submitting your ms. you will be asked to provide the EXACT name of the special issue, including any capitalisation and symbols, etc. Please copy/paste the Special issue name as follows:

9th Norwegian Environmental Toxicology Symposium: The Science we need for a Healthy Ocean

Note that ALL ms, also dealing with terrestrial and freshwater environments are accepted in our SI.