An evening of Hollywood glimpse at Thrombosis Research Expertise Centre

By Nadia Arshad, PhD in TRECtrec film premiere

Watching movie is relaxing for many people. After a hard working day, what could be more satisfying than watching a film premiere on a bigger screen and have party after-wards? The same event happened on the evening of February 18 2016, the premiere party of the TREC official movie.

It was a fascinating event for all TREC members. Red carpet, gleam, interior decoration by Julie Sørensen, elegant and shimmering dresses of audiences transformed the floor into a mini Hollywood cinema. The anchorperson was Trond Børvik, who delivered small but hilarious introduction about the movie actors and the movie itself in the beginning. Another TREC member, Trond Isaksen did the photography of the whole event. Four TREC members (John-Bjarne Hansen, Sigrid Brækkan, Ellen Brodin and Trond Børvik) made the movie. There were two patients in the movie, who were suffering from Blood clot disease.

The central idea of the movie revolves around explaining and educating people about the mechanism of a formation of blood clot in a blood vessel. The blood clot breaks off and travels to other parts of the body though blood. A blood clot in the deep vein of leg (called deep vein thrombosis) can break off and travels to the lungs (called pulmonary embolism). There was a grand party (food, drink and music) followed the movie premiere. Delicious food was served to the TREC members, the flavors of which meld together to form a perfect union creating ultimate tapas and a luscious cake to celebrate the event.

The movie will soon be available internationally on our webpage, facebook and twitter, so stay tuned!

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