Serigne Samba

Filmmaker:  Aliou Arka Maiga

Year of production: 2013
Location: Touba, Senegal
Duration: 30 minutes.
Sound: mono
English Subtitles

The film is one family man’s point of view of the Marabout – a muslim religious leader and teacher coming to Touba, Senegal and how it effects the local  community. Serigne Samba (1870-1917) was a writer of religious Muslim texts and Sufi poetry.

Copyright: 2013 Visual Cultural Studies, University of Tromsø

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ABSTRACT This thesis is a reflection about imbrications of religion and economic activities in the Murids’ Islamic brotherhood of Senegal. With Visual Anthropology as disciplinary framework, I conducted fieldwork in Senegal with a video camera and, made a 30 minute documentary film from the material I collected in that regard. It addresses the quotidian of a young Murid living in Touba. In the following pages, I reflect upon life situations of several informants I met in Touba, the wholly city of the brotherhood. The discussion about their concrete daily lives will bring me to analyze the brotherhood as a whole for the reader to have a complete picture of it.

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