Emergence of Semantic Features Program

Monday, October 9th

Session 1: UB 132 Auditorium

09.00-10.30   Anna Papafragou, Delaware

                        Semantics and Cognition: The case of evidentiality 

10.30-10.45   break

Session 2: UB 244

10.45-11.30   Bridget Copley, CNRS – Paris 8

Aspect at the grammatical-conceptual interface (joint work with Paul Moles)

11.30-12.15   Cristina Real Puigdollers, UPF Barcelona

 The roots of extended projections – Exploring a neoprojectionist approach (joint work with Victor Acedo-Matellán)

12.15-13.15   Lunch, TEO canteen

Session 3: TEO 1.313

13.15-14.00   Isabelle Roy, CNRS – Paris 8

The development of Merge and recursion in early child language (joint work with Bridget Copley)

14.00-14.45   Peter Svenonius, UiT

Extended projections and the difference between categories and features

14.45-15.00   break outside TEO 4.213

Session 4: TEO 4.213

15.00-16.30   Theresa Biberauer, Cambridge and Stellenbosch

                        Formal Features in Systems that Maximise Minimal Means


Tuesday, October 10th

All day in TEO 4.213

09.00-10.30   Hagit Borer, Queen Mary London

                        Functions and Categories

10.30-10.45   break

10.45-11.30   Sergey Minor, UiT

Habitual Imperfective and Quantification: Parallels between Aspect and Number

11.30-12.15   Gillian Ramchand, UiT

                        On lexical vs. grammatical ‘features’ of verbs

12.15-13.15   Lunch, TEO canteen

13.15-14.00   Natalia Mitrofanova, UiT

                        Emergence of features within spatial PPs: A view from acquisition

14.00-14.15   break

14.15-15.45   Daniel Harbour, Queen Mary London

                        Feature scaffolding via CP-DP parallelism