Research Projects

Ongoing research projects

  • SALT: Syllable Structure: Acquisition, Loss, Typology, 2017-2020. Funding: Research Council of Norway FRIPRO grant; PI: Martin Krämer.
  • MIMS: Micro-variation in Multilingual Acquisition & Attrition Situations, 2016-2020. Funding: Research Council of Norway FRIPRO grant; PI: Marit Westergaard.
  • LAMBA: Latvian Language in Monolingual and Bilingual Acquisition: Tools, theories and applications, 2015-2017. Funding: EEA Norway grants; PIs: Dace MarkusOlga Urek.
  • DASAGO: North Sami Child Language Acquisition, 2011-2017. Funding: Research Council of Norway; PI: Kristine Bentzen.
  • The Bantu Project: The Morphosyntax of Bantu Nouns. Funding: Tromsø Forskningsstiftelse. PI: Tarald Taraldsen.

Completed research projects