The 16th Munin Conference welcomes submissions for online posters using Twitter. This year we will also run a live online poster session during the conference.

How does an online poster session work?

Each poster consists of a brief summary of the topic in one tweet along with 1-4 attached images with roughly the following content:

  1. Title, authors, abstract
  2. Introduction
  3. Methods
  4. Results

There is flexibility here for other formats, for example, an infographic split into four parts. You can also use less than four images, but we do not recommend more than four.

Once your poster submission is approved, we will send you a PowerPoint template that you can use to make your poster images for Twitter. The template is sized for Twitter and helps identify your poster as an official online poster for the Munin Conference. You are free to use your own template also.

Application instructions

Please submit poster abstracts by following the normal Call for Papers procedure.

In addition to the Twitter poster session, the committee would like to run a live poster session during the conference. Please indicate in your abstract submission whether you are interested in presenting your poster during the live session. Send us your poster abstract by September 5 2021

Go to Call for Papers and submission guidelines

Template and instructions

Once your poster abstract has been approved, we will send you a PowerPoint template for creating your Twitter images and a document with guidelines about posting on Twitter and accessibility considerations to keep in mind.

What if I don’t/can’t have a Twitter account?

You can register for a Twitter account free

We prefer it if all authors share their posters from their own personal Twitter accounts. If you aren’t able to register a Twitter account please let us know when you submit your abstract and we will post it from the @MuninConf twitter account.