Nous sommes ensamble

Cinèseaste: Ascanio Varroni

Année de production: 2019
Lieu: Camerounn
Durée:  33 minutes
Son: mono
Language: français, anglais, kaba, peul
Sous-titrage en anglais

Jean Louis, a Central African living in the Cameroonian city of Ngaoundéré, is in search for a better life condition for him and his family. Ascanio is an Italian studying abroad, who is working to become a visual anthropologist. What will come out from this encounter, when they are both striving to achieve their aims?The film is a reflexive account on how the object of the research, patron-client relations – so the practice of establishing relationships based on trust and mutual solidarity with more resourceful persons -, became impossible to disentangle from the researcher’s identity and subjective experience, once this was put into the same dynamics of togetherness that he was studyingCopyright: Études culturelles visuelles 2019, Université de Tromsø.

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