SDÁ 1-2011: Johan Klemet Hætta Kalstad

Norgga sámepolitihka molsašupmi ođđa áiggis

Johan Klemet Hætta Kalstad (Sámi allaskuvla)

Viečča artihkkala dás (pdf).

The transition of Sami politics in Norway

Sami politics has throughout the ages been colorful even as the knowledge regarding it has been narrow. People are familiar with some parts of Sami political history. Generally it has been widely discussed that the assimilation policy of the Norwegian state changed as a result of the demonstrations against the hydro power dam project in the Alta river canyon. However, the policy had begun to transmute already during World War II.

After the authorities had decided to consider the adoption of an official Sami policy, the Sami Committee was established in 1956. In 1963, the Norwegian Parliament created the basis for a new era of politics toward the Sami people without further altercation. The protection and promotion of the Sami language and culture was from then on the objective of the official Sami policy.

The purpose of this article is to evoke an overall understanding based on new research on the transition of Norway’s policies towards the Sami from assimilation to the maintaining of ‘Saminess’. I have gathered the most up-to-date information from documents and through interviews with persons who participated in the actions and activities which took place in the 1950’s and 1960’s.