SDÁ 1-2-2009: Pigga Lauhamaa

Sámi vuolggasaji nannen oahpahusas – rituálat guovddážis

Pigga Lauhamaa (Sámi allaskuvla)

Viečča artihkkala dás (pdf).

Strengthening Sami Foundations in Instruction

The implementation of a Sami curriculum is challenging in schools that are located in the Sami region of Norway. Socialisation, or the way schools adapt students to society, and enculturation, or the role that Sami culture plays in schools, conflict with each other. For this reason, schools need more intermediary factors that would narrow the differences between the mainstream culture and Sami culture. According to the results, the Sami schools that participated in the study do not make sufficient use of various traditional or alternative teaching techniques and practices for organising teaching that has a link to Sami culture. For instance, local people, nature and flexible timetables played only a limited role in teaching practices. In this article, the rituals of the Sami school are further examined. Timetables, classrooms as physical environment and teacher behaviours are understood as rituals. Sami schools should rethink these rituals when considering its shape and function.