Friday Colloquium: Bożena Rozwadowska

Bożena Rozwadowska, University of Wrocław, will be presenting on:

Aspect-related properties of Polish nominalizations

Polish is a language which has a variety of derived nominalizations. In addition to the so called deverbal nominalizations (similar to derived nominals in other languages, including English and Russian) it also has the so called verbal nominalizations, which have an external nominal distribution and which realize their satellites in the genitive and not the accusative case, yet inherit grammatical aspect and other verbal properties from the base verb. In particular, they preserve the imperfective/ perfective contrast. I will discuss the aspectual properties of Polish nominalizations in relation to the lexical verb classes they are derived from. I will compare action nominalizations to psych nominalizations with the purpose of evaluating the claim (proposed for other languages) that psych nominalizations are stative, independently of the aspectual characterization of the base (cf. Fábregas and Marín (2012) and Fábregas, Marín and McNally (2012)).

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