Acquisition and processing of grammatical gender (26-28 Feb)

LIN-8009: Acquisition and Processing of Grammatical Gender Instructors: Holger Hopp (Braunschweig), Natascha Müller (Wuppertal), Sharon Unsworth (Nijmegen) Time: February 26-28, 10:00-12:00 and 13:30-15:30 Place: UiT, rooms A-3021, E-0103 and E-0104 Time/Place Tuesday, Feb 26 Wednesday, Feb 27 Thursday, Feb 28 10:00-12:00 Hopp, Lecture 1 (A-3021) Unsworth, Lecture (A-3021) Müller, Lecture 2 (E-0104) 13:30-15:30 Müller, Lecture Read More

On the acquisition, maintenance and loss of a language

For a number of years, the acquisition research group at CASTL/Department of Language and Linguistics has worked on monolingual language acquisition, focusing on linguistic phenomena where there is variation in the input, e.g. word order variation expressing fine distinctions in syntax and information structure. In recent years, there has been an increased focus on variation Read More