LAVA Lunch autumn 2017

August 31st
Just lunch

September 7
Just lunch

September 21 – Room E.2004
Evelina Leivada: Is it a verb or is it a noun? An exoskeletal approach to categories and identity avoidance

September 28 – Room C.1004
Just lunch

October 5 – Room E.0103
Sigridur Bjornsdottir:
 Grammatical gender in Icelandic: A case study of learning Transparency

Wednesday October 11 at 1 PM – Room E.0105
Akira Omaki: Syntactic creativity errors in children’s English wh-questions

October 19 – Room C.1004
Roni Katzir: An adequate simplicity metric for learning grammars

November 2 – Room E.2004
Merete Andersen & Kristine Bentzen: Different outcomes in the acquisition of do-support in three Norwegian/English bilinguals: Delay and acceleration

November 9 – Room C.1004
Marta Velnic: Effects of discourse topic on global and local markings in Croatian ditransitive: a comparison of children and adults.

November 16 – Room C.1004
Marit Westergaard, Natalia Mitrofanova, Yulia Rodina & Olga Urek: Grammatical gender on novel nouns in child bilingual acquisition

November 23 – Room C.1004
Just lunch

November 30 – Room E.2004
Björn Lundquist: 
Getting the order right in the middle field: L2 speaker’s struggle with subject and object placement

December 7 – Room E.2004
Natalia Jardón Perez: 
The acquisition of ‘accusative’ (i.e. non-partitive) case marked objects in Finnish

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